Download Modded Google Play store v8.3.42U [LATEST]+Installation Guide

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Modded Google Play store is an modified version of Google play, that is similar to original app in design, appearance, download speed etc but it has some unique features such as:

  1. Successful License Verification:
    Whenever you download an paid app from other sources than Google Play it checks for license and as you wouldn’t have license, you couldn’t use that app. But now, with Modded Play store you can easily use those apps as this modded app verifies License of any app and without Internet connection too.
    So, you no longer need to remove License verification with Lucky patcher.
  2. Disabled Auto updates:
    Modded Google play store never auto updates.
  3. If you download an paid app from google play you can refund your payment within 2 hours and paid version of app will be uninstalled from your device but with modded play store your money refunds but app also keeps installed.

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1)You CAN’T download paid apps for free directly (still you can use refund trick) and its NOT applicable in billing that means You cannot hack in-app purchases with it.



Modded google play store



To download and install modded google play store please follow each steps correctly:
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Method I

This is easier method. If this method fails, try second method.

  1. Download Lucky Patcher from our site.
  2. Install Lucky patcher and Open it, Grant root access.
  3. Tap on Toolbox at the bottom and scroll down to find “Patch to android”.
  4. Tick the first, second and fourth options which are “Signature verification status always true” and “Disable .apk signature verification” and “Support patch for InApp and LVL  emulation”.
  5. Tap apply. your device will reboot at this time.
  6. Open Lucky patcher and go to patch to android option again to see whether “patch applied” is written or not. If patch is not applied , patch again.
  7. You can backup original play store using Titanium backup in case you want it later.
  8. Now Go back and tap on tool box again. Scroll down to find install modded play store.
  9. Now select the latest modded play store at top and tap install. If you are a gingerbread user, download Modded play store for Gingerbread.
  10. Modded play store will be downloaded and installed. After play store gets installed, your device will reboot. If it didn’t, reboot it yourself.
  11. Congratulations. You successfully installed modded play store.

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Method II : For android 4.0 and above

This method is complex and we recommend you only if first method fails.

  1. Follow all the steps in Method I up to step 7.
  2. Download root explorer and install it. Root explorer is required in this process.
  3. Now download Modded play store from our site.
  4. Rename downloaded modded Play Store to “PhoneSky.apk” and transfer to SD card of your device if you downloaded it on your PC.
  5. Now open root explorer and copy the PhoneSky.apk file and paste it on “/system/app/” folder, your device will say file already exists, replace it.
  6. long Press on this file and set permissions “rw-r–r–” .
  7. Reboot your device.
  8. Congratulations, Modded play store is successfully installed.



modded play store screenshot (1)modded play store modded google play store